Dublin Burlesque Festival is delighted to team up with seal rescue Ireland to create glittery ecobricks.

What are ecobricks?  Basically, they’re recycled bottles that are packed completely full of soft plastic until they are as hard as a clay brick. You’ll be surprised how much you can fit into one bottle.  We of course are adding a bit of SPARKLE.  As you know most of the old glitter we used wasn’t environmentally friendly at all.  So here is a way to get rid of it in a safe, fun positive way!

We would love if you could support us by bringing along any old (non biodegradable) glitter for us to include in our bricks.

You can see what Seal Rescue Ireland is doing here – http://www.sealrescueireland.org/blog/ecobricks.

Whenever we have free time, we tightly pack soft plastics (e.g. biscuit wrappers) into empty bottles (such as 2L soda bottles). It’s very important ecobricks are solid so that any structures that are made are not compromised. Once we have seven finished ecobricks, we glue and strap them together with recycled strapping to create an ecobrick module. A module can be used to make the stool below or multiple modules can be combined to make larger furniture, such as a coffee table or shelves. One of our volunteers has even used ecobricks to build an entire house in the foothills of the Himalayas.

People like yourselves, are becoming more creative with ecobricks every day.