Jett Adore Workshops

Diane Dignam

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    9th November 2019
    12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Dublin Burlesque Festival is delighted to present two workshops from the amazing Jett Adore.

Jett Adore is “the LaBron James of Burlesque” and “the sexiest, biggest, most talented star on
the male burlesque circuit.” (Playgirl Magazine). “The No-Pantser Romancer”…”The Diamond
Stud”…”The Prince of Burlesque”…”The Las Vegas Showboy”…”The Bare-Naked Body
Poet”…Jett was named the world’s “Most Innovative” performer by the Las Vegas Burlesque
Hall of Fame. He is the starring male performer in Dita Von Teese’s famous world tours “Strip
Strip Hooray!” and “The Art of the Teese”. He also created, directs, co-produces and stars in his
male-burlesque show “Diamond Studs”, “where mancandy meets fine art”, which debuted in the
summer of 2015 for a run in Provincetown, NYC, and Fire Island (US). Known for his epicly
theatrical performances, he has headlined in some of the largest Burlesque shows and festivals
around the world, most recently throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Italy,
France, Austria, the UK, and the US. Along with “The Temptress of Twirl”, Frenchie Kiss, Jett is
half of the 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame’s “World’s Best Duo”. Jett Adore is also one of the
Stage Door Johnnies, the world-renowned male burlesque trio, who are the Burlesque Hall of
Fame’s “World’s Best Burlesque Group 2011”. They have also been awarded “Artists of the
Year, 2010” by The Burlesque Innovation Guild, and are ranked among the World’s “Top 10”
Performers by 21st Century Burlesque. As well as starring in their own weekly show in Chicago,
they have debuted their show in NYC with Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming, and have toured
their shows around the world. Born and raised on the Isle of Romantica, he is the internationally
beloved icon of glamour, passion, and lusty elegance. “Jett’s artistic, playful, sexy, scandalous,
and sophisticated performances are male striptease at it’s finest.”


Workshop 1 – Secrets of Stage Presence

What is the X-Factor that makes a performer breathtakingly compelling? What is stage presence
and how do you achieve it? How can you embody an energy that fills the stage and how do you
create acts with epic impact? As a group and individually, Jett will guide you through
improvisational workshop techniques to inspire creating, rehearsing, and performing, and
drawing out the superstar within you, all from an actor’s perspective. Unlock the tools to combat
self-consciousness and stage fright and learn about Jett’s concepts of “Active Intention” and his
“Five S’s of Burlesque”, vital components of achieving the full potential of your own star quality.
Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring note-taking materials and plenty of childlike


Workshop 2 – Stillness Onstage: The Power Within

How can you embody a mesmerizing energy that fills the stage and creates epic impact? How
can you use Stillness onstage to build suspense and intensity, maximize your power, and
captivate your audience? This workshop is an intensive exploration of the theatrical concept of
Stillness, as approached within Jett’s “Secrets of Stage Presence” course series. Jett will guide
you through improvisational workshop techniques to inspire your inner fire, all from an actor’s
perspective. Learn and expand upon Jett’s concept of “Active Intention” onstage, and get ready
to find the superstar within you!
– What to wear: Comfortable clothes to move in.
– What to bring: Note-taking materials and plenty of childlike playfulness.

Numbers are limited and booking in advance is essential.

Discount for booking both workshops.