Friday night special guests

Stacey McPartlin

Recognized as a multi-award-winning fusion belly dance and neo-burlesque artist, Stacey McPartlin has devoted over 15 years to perfecting her craft and sharing her expertise worldwide. Immersed in the teachings of renowned belly dance luminaries, she has cultivated a dynamic fusion style that seamlessly blends diverse influences.
Hailing from Ireland, Stacey stands as a prominent figure in the fusion belly dance community, acclaimed for her exceptional talent and numerous awards garnered from solo and troupe competitions. She is notably the creative force behind the celebrated troupes La Folie Deshabille, specializing in Neo-Burlesque, and Polaris Fusion Dance Company. Beyond her troupe endeavors, Stacey contributes her skills as a member of the esteemed international touring trio, Dubrikato. Furthermore, she has showcased her talents in lead roles within the touring productions of Bellydance Evolution Experience interpretations of classics such as “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Wizard of Oz.”

Santina Spitfire

With the “QUIRK TO MAKE IT WORK”, Santina Spitfire, is a buxom, cheeky, long boobed, orangutan titty all-round good gal who embrace her curves and handfuls of cellulite J
Reigning Miss Pin Up Ireland, former Miss Burlesque Dublin &Miss Pin Up Milan and now mammy to many cats, goats and a beautiful 2 yr old, her often saucy tongue-in-cheek, sexy style of Burlesque will entertain and crack you up.
For over a decade, she has been shaking her wares around the world, along with modelling, hosting and producing headline Burlesque shows such as “The Honey Drops Deadliest Dames”, that is now coming to the historic Mullingar Theatre on June 28th, Santina Spitfire lives her life by the unbiased ageless, shapeless, timelessness and most importantly inclusiveness of the Irish Burlesque scene.
Taking to the stage to rock her Mom Bod, hold tight and get ready to try not to slip off your seat….SPLOOSH 😛 xx