Meet the 2024 competition acts!

She’ll tease, she’ll jiggle, she’ll entrance with her wiggle- it’s Aurora Divine!
Ms. Divine has been titillating the masses across Ireland for the last five years with her eclectic blend of burlesque- Hollywood showgirl glamour, with a dash of the comedic and the punk….
Performing regularly on Irish stages across the length and breadth of the country, Ms. Divine has also forefronted the inclusion of the Irish language in her work, most notably through her establishment of Cabáiste Cabaret, a cabaret show that forefronts the inclusion of the Irish language in live performance, for which she is also host and producer.
As well as regularly performing at festivals and gigs in Ireland, Aurora Divine has also graced international stages and festivals such as the Glasgow Festival of Burlesque and Burlesque Idol Uk to name a few.

Blasting into Her 17th year on stage, International award winning burlesque Queen, belly dancer, model, and muse, Bella Agogo is nestled between ethereal glamour, a menagerie of fantasy creatures, and the magic of Ireland running through Her veins. This strange and unusual bejewelled diva has crawled out of the sparkling mists of an ancient land and into your souls.
A producer and creator of wonderfully eccentric cabarets for 14 years in Dublin. A fierce and flamboyant weirdo, who loves beautiful things with a dark twist, especially with puppets. Bella makes almost all of her own costumes and puppets and is passionate about being a sustainable showgirl. Most of her fabulous closet is full of Vintage & preloved pieces.
Bella has blown hearts and minds away with her performances at festivals and shows all over Ireland & Europe, and has had 3 successful tours in America, including performances at the Mile High Burlesque Festival, Denver in April of last year, the US only weed themed burlesque festival. Bella believes that representation for all bodies should be seen and celebrated on stage, and knows that EVERYONE is hotter with eyeliner. Bella is Miss Burlesque Ireland 2018 and since 2020 is the reigning Mx Ghoul Ireland.

Bendy Belle is a wee Highland lassie living in the big smoke of Glasgow. Prepare to be bewitched, bothered and bewildered as she bends over backwards to entertain you!’
Photography credit – Louise Cantwell Photography

Miss D’Vine is the ultimate upper-class naughty girl: she’s got all of the alluring traits of an old-money temptress perfectly combined with a rock ‘n’ roll pin up rebel. Add to the mix her exotic half-asian, half-latina heritage and a taste for the floor, and you have the explosion that Bunny D’Vine brings to the stage!

photo by Peter O Hanlon

photo by Peter O Hanlon

Daria Décolleté is the bunhead who turned burlesque. With more then 20 years of dance training behind her and legs up to ‘here’, she has performed from New York to New Delhi and back again.
A former stripper in the clubs of London, Daria burst onto the Irish burlesque scene in 2019 with the burning desire to entertain and tease. Within months of her debut she had performed around the country, and now regularly travels to the UK and beyond to shake and shimmy, proudly flying the flag for Irish Burlesque.
Daria is best known for her combining comedy and satire with her signature ass and sass and she’s ready to get you hot under the collar and tight in the trouser!

Kinky Curly! 4 years studying burlesque at Burlesque Cabaret Napoli, in Naples, where Fanny D’Amour and Roby Roger have guided me with dedication and love in this wonderful and magical discipline. Her style, loves blending classic European burlesque with fairy-tale characters or those inspired by nymphs and deities. Participated as a stage kitten at the “La Nuit Burlesque” evenings in Naples with Burlesque Cabaret Napoli, where this year I also had the honor of performing. Also participated too in the open stage of the Bologna Burlesque Festival in 2023. Very grateful for every opportunity that has allowed me to express my creativity and passion for burlesque. She can’t wait to continue this wonderful artistic journey.

La Folie Deshabille is not your typical burlesque troupe; they are a vibrant and eclectic collective that burst onto the scene in 2013. Founded on the principles of inclusivity and creativity, La Folie Deshabille thrives on blending various dance styles and themes into their performances, creating a truly unique and unforgettable experience for their audiences. Led by a team of dynamic performers, La Folie Deshabille embraces quirkiness and individuality, infusing their shows with a delightful mix of humor, sensuality, and a touch of nerdy charm. From comedy acts that leave audiences in stitches to tantalizing performances inspired by beloved fandoms like Doctor Who, their repertoire knows no bounds.

Lolita Laze is a pop culture fanatic who uses burlesque as a way to be as theatrical as she would like to be in real life. On stage, she is (or tries to be) an icon, a camp queen. She usually performs in Paris (in case you go there).

Lycan Animal. He’s a clown and performer, a burlesquer and an aerialist, a singer and a dancer and the King in the North! Winner of the Belfast Crown in 2015, Belfast Burlesque Festival. Heart of Burlesque 2012, Best Overall 2015 and Best Troupe 2017 at Dublin Burlesque Festival. 2nd Runner up at the inaugural Mr Boylesque Ireland 2019.
Aerial performer and choreographer in Ether’s ‘Mirror Mirror’ 2012 and ‘Landfall’ 2013, and co-choreographer of ‘That Boy Band Act’ UNDERcurrent 2017. Basically there’s not much this entertainer can’t do.

Miss Rose Renée is a burlesque performer, based in London. She is thrilled to be performing at Dublin Burlesque festival! So, get ready to be immersed into her weird and wonderful world of striptease. She will be sure to tempt you to ‘Wonderland’ … a place filled with surprises where all your dreams may just come true

Putting the “bum” into bump n grind, Scarlett Van Tassel is an Autistic burlesque bombshell and raging lesbo from Dublin. Nicknamed “The Purple People Eater” for her ferocious stage presence, Scarlett takes no prisoners and leaves a trail of destruction in her wake…
Performing since 2011, Scarlett has shimmied her way across Ireland and taken to international stages, from Edinburgh to Ibiza. When not stunning audiences with her showstopping trademark brand of “Dirty Classic” burlesque, Scarlett can be found plotting and producing the queer cabaret, burlesque and variety show, The Coochie Club. Expect bodacious bumps, gratuitous grinds, fierce face and a Goth twist from this classic Glamour Ghoul…

Titi de Sweetie is an Estonian burlesque performer who has been performing since 2018. Besides being innovative, she is funny as well. A different personality can be found in every act.
Her performances have taken her to Finland, Poland, and Germany. It’s her third burlesque festival and she’s excited!

Vanity Dare – Hotter Than The Devil’s Testicles – delivers glamour with a killer smile.
With a passion for old school bump ‘n’ grind and a deliciously dangerous glint in her eyes Vanity Dare carries with her a magnetic energy and unforgettable presence. Having worked with many prestigious companies and performers at festivals and productions throughout the whole of the UK, across Europe and into America, Vanity Dare is one international showgirl you don’t want to miss.”